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Press Release

HTL Property Settled Hotels – March 2020

HTL Property is pleased to report to the market the successful settlement of ~$35,000,000.00 worth of hotels nationally in the past week.

“A market well and truly exists, and where it does we will be active, present and informative” advised HTL Property’s Managing Director Andrew Jolliffe.

“We separately congratulate our two sets of Vendors and Purchasers for their professionalism and integrity; and we look forward to working closely with our valued clients to create value and opportunity” added Jolliffe.

“Now is most certainly not the appropriate time for chest-beating; however equally, now is almost certainly the time when positive and verifiable data should be collated and confidently shared” said Jolliffe.

“It’s more than excusable not to have seen circumstances change in the manner they have; however what is, from an considered investor perspective inexcusable, is to miss the start of any recovery. And the only way to participate at the right chronological interval, is to stay focused and active in this marketplace; not inert and myopic” advised Jolliffe.

“We have quite genuinely never been busier, and never fielded more calls or white-boarded more transaction strategies than we have in the last two weeks. With the consistent view held by astute investors being a look through to June 2020, and a firming desire not to be dislocated from the market and its machinations” said Dragicevich.

“Our successful Vendors and Purchasers on the two material asset settlements this last week all acted
deliberately, and with great integrity and a willingness to preserve the strategic imperatives that drew them to the transaction in the first instance. In doing so, they have recognized the near-term benefits of securing what will once again and very shortly represent a heavily pursued high barrier to entry asset” concluded Dragicevich.

“History is dotted with clear illustrations highlighting just how indefatigable this industry is” added Jolliffe.

“As an asset class, this one is as nimble as it is robust, and the recent successful transactions disclosed to the market are patent indicators of commerce not only existing, but flourishing” concluded Jolliffe.


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